How to participate

Our main target population are people with a “Mild Cognitive Impairment” (MCI) , which is characterized by the presence of a slight decline of performance in one or multiple cognitive domains, such as memory, attention, executive functions or language. These difficulties are confirmed by neuropsychological tests, but do not interfere with autonomy in daily life. MCI is not a disease in itself, but is considered an intermediate stage in which a person is at increased risk of developing dementia. At this stage, the difficulties can still be reversed, among other things by keeping cognitively and physically fit.

Since it is important to start with prevention as early as possible, also those people can participate who have not yet been diagnosed with cognitive difficulties, but who perceive a subjective deterioration in various areas and thus present a "Subjective Cognitive Decline". Within the framework of the pdp, it can then be determined whether these are "normal" changes or whether the difficulties exceed what is usual for the age of the person.

In addition, the programme is aimed at people who are carriers of genetic mutations associated with an increased risk of dementia, but who have not yet noticed any deterioration in their cognitive performance.

For individuals who are already in a more advanced stage of dementia and can no longer cope with everyday life on their own, they are referred to other institutions who have a more adapted offer for this target population, such as "Association Luxembourg Alzheimer”.


If you worry about a possible cognitive decline and if you wish to actively reduce your risk to develop dementia, please consult your treating physician (i.e. general practitioner, neurologist, geriatrician) and ask them about your eligibility for the program. In case your treating physician considers a participation as useful, he/she can provide you with a referral to participate.

Referring physicians

If you have a patient who you judge eligible for the participation in the pdp, it suffices to issue a referral, which includes the mention pdp, the reason to participate and if possible relevant information (medical history, list of medication, results of former examination). It is not intended for the patient to apply directly to the program.

If you have further questions about the program or wish to collaborate and help in supporting our participants, please contact us at info [at] or +352 247-75600.

Voucher partners

The pdp program collaborates with local partners, providing a diverse range of cognitive training, physical and social activities, nutrition and psychological counselling.

If you are interested in being a pdp voucher partner, contact us at info [at]