About us

The “Programme for Dementia Prevention (pdp)” is a programme for effective dementia prevention within Luxembourg in a target population presenting either a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or a Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) in cognitive areas, such as memory, attention, language or visuo-spatial skills. The pdp wants to support people belonging to this target population by introducing them to new ways how to stay cognitively and physically active.

The programme is based on recent scientific evidence that demonstrates the opportunity to prevent dementia – or at least to delay it – by actively acting on specific modifiable risk factors, such as hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity, depression, social isolation, hearing loss as well as smoking and high levels of alcohol consumption.

As part of the national action plan against dementia, the Ministry of Health has implemented a comprehensive dementia prevention programme, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg and many partners based in Luxembourg, including the Ministry of Family Affairs, and the Info-Zenter Demenz.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to have a positive impact on participants' brain health and to reduce their risk to develop dementia through a range of preventive measures.

Our mission is to raise awareness of dementia prevention possibility, both in our target population and in the general public, reducing the stigma associated with the topic of dementia.

The pdp aims to serve as an interface between clinical care and research in order to support researchers gaining new insights into dementia and its prevention. The findings of the pdp and related research projects are presented at national and international conferences and congresses.

Since pdp is an integrated care concept, we want to reach this goal through a coordinated approach between the different health care providers and thus work in close collaboration with the treating physicians and other partners.

What we offer:

  • an extensive neuropsychological assessment evaluating different cognitive functions (such as memory, attention and concentration, executive functions, language and visuo-spatial abilities).
  • an oral feedback of the test results and a written report to the participant and the referring physician
  • a risk factor assessment aiming to identify modifiable risk factors that might influence the risk to develop dementia
  • individualized lifestyle interventions tailored to the participant’s needs including cognitive training, physical activities, social activities, psychological counselling and dietary advice which are provided by our collaborating partners
  • regular follow-up visits to monitor the evolution of the cognitive performance and the presence of risk factors
  • the possibility to choose between different recruitment hubs throughout the country
  • information about the existing service providers in Luxembourg
  • the possibility to contribute to research in the field of dementia
  • a participation that is voluntary and free of charge